Interact with other PB developers and get the latest news on PowerBuilder and its add-ons!

MILANO, 7 + 8 OTTOBRE 2014

La comunità degli sviluppatori PowerBuilder è chiamata ancora una volta a raccolta per le ultime novità e le più recenti informazioni in una serie di incontri europei!

Quest incontri si terranno ad Ottobre, ed avranno inizio in Italia, poi in Francia, in Germania ed infine in Svizzera.

Bruce Armstrong, celebre PowerBuilder evangelist, illustrerà questa volta diversi argomenti tecnici.

Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany...

The PowerBuilder Community is coming together again to bring you a number of technical and informational conferences across Europe! Starting early October in Italy, then followed by France, Germany and Switzerland.

Get information on the latest movements in the PB eco-system and also join presenter Bruce Armstrong as he covers a number of PowerBuilder topics in person!


March 5, 6, 7, 2014

A three day conference will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina, and will cover the following topics, including, but not limited to:

  •  - PB 15 new features, 
  •  - Using Google Maps in PowerBuilder, 
  •  - Developing your own Webcam Component for a PB app, 
  •  - Theory and Practice of Tracking Boards,  
  •  - How to integrate Imaging Technology into your PB application,
  • And more

Get the latest news from SAP experts about PowerBuilder, its product roadmap and SAP’s current and future plans for the product.

Ask questions to the experts and get the answers. Also don’t miss professional PowerBuilder training sessions and workshops.  


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This seminar will give you the opportunity to:

  • - Find out the latest information on PowerBuilder
  • - Receive copies of the products demonstrated (such as an Appeon Mobile Developer License)
  • - Attend workshops to help you modernize your PowerBuilder applications

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ISUG-TECH will be holding its annual conference in Atlanta, GA, USA, from April 14-17, 2014.  

The Call for Papers is now open and proposals will be accepted through December 5th.

For all information regarding this event, please visit the conference homepage.

Conference Homepage

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