Wednesday, May 27, 2015 - 8:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 17h00 CET (Paris)

Are you maintaining an application that you didn’t originally develop? Have teammates recently joined or left your development team? Learn how to understand complex code, before making any changes and incurring unexpected side effects.

In this presentation, we will use brand-new Visual Expert 2015 to:

  • Explore PowerBuilder and Oracle code,
  • Run impact analyses,
  • Generate detailed source code documentation.
  • and more!


All participants at the Charlotte PB Conference have access to free PowerBuilder companion tools with a value of $2,800!

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All the details below for Charlotte attendees:

Visual Expert 2015

Analyze your PowerBuilder and PL/SQL code!

Each participant to the Visual Expert workshop or at a Jump Start Session will get 1 fixed VE for PB and PL/SQL license valid until December 31, 2015.
This is a full version, with all code analysis and documentation features available.

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Appeon 2015

Deploy your PowerBuilder applications to the Web and to Mobile.

Each conference attendee that participates in an Appeon Workshop will receive a free developer license* of Appeon 2015 to use until end of this year. Appeon 2015 enables PB developers to rapidly deploy existing desktop applications to the Web and easily build new Mobile applications using existing PB skills. There is no need to wrestle with cumbersome Java, .NET, or Objective-C code. Appeon integrates seamlessly into the PB IDE, and it allows developers to utilize most PB constructs, including Controls and Objects, DataWindows, PowerScript, and PFC.

*The Appeon 2015 developer license is a full-featured license that can be used freely until December 31, 2015; support is not included with this free license.

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Reporting Studio

Easily Create and Deploy Reports to your PowerBuilder Applications.

Each participant to the Reporting Studio Workshop or to a Jump Start Session will get a license of Reporting Studio that includes the Repository Manager, the Report Maker, and the Report Viewer - allowing you to create reports standalone and embedded into your applications. Once deployed on your client/server applications, or after installation of the Report Viewer client side, the reports can be run anytime with fresh data included. Even after the validity period of the license, end-users will still have access to view the reports.

License is valid until December 31, 2015.
Support is not included with this license. Reports can be distributed to end users. You will need to upgrade to a Developer license to allow end-users to modify and create reports by themselves.

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Get the latest news and info about PowerBuilder at the upcoming Charlotte PowerBuilder Conference! It hosts numerous PB experts and has over 25 PB centric sessions, including 2 days of pre-conference training.

Here are the top five reasons you can’t miss this conference:

1. SAP will be attending!
SAP will be represented by John Strano and Dirk Boessmann, the Senior Vice President of Mobile Developments at SAP and the current head of PB. Join them as they discuss the future of PB and answer all your burning questions. There will also be a separate session geared towards Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to share expertise and views on the future of PowerBuilder.

2. Improve your PB skills!

a. Attend a hands-on pre-conference training with Yakov Werde on Monday, May 4 and Tuesday May 5. Yakov Werde, MsEd is a veteran software developer with a passion for sharing his vast knowledge and experience with others. Now with 20 years of PowerBuilder experience, he is well known in the PB developer community as both an informative and entertaining presenter and serious application developer. 
b. Attend the many technical sessionsoffered during the session, including “Utilizing external technology to extend your PowerBuilder Applications”, “Building Multi-Threaded Windows Service Applications”, “Developing a Modern Web UI that includes Image Management” and so many more!

3. Learn how to modernize your PowerBuilder applications and take them to the Web, Mobile, and Cloud! See how to upgrade the look and feel of traditional PB apps with new GUI components and internationalization tools. Attend sessions on current GUI design and application development from industry veterans. 

4. This conference is multi-track: 'Tips & Tricks', 'Best Practices', 'Mobility & Web', and ‘What's New’. So you’ll be able to easily orient yourself towards what’s important for you and have more time to ask questions to the speakers with smaller sized sessions.

5. $2800 Worth of License! Every conference attendee will not only walk away with six-month licenses of Appeon, Visual Expert and Reporting Sudio, but they will also be able to attend installation workshops and go home with a fully operational work environment! - read more -

It’s been a year since the last PB Conference in the USA – the wait is now over, with 50+ hours of PowerBuilder specific presentations


Pre-register and get $200 off full registration!