Saturday, 08 May 2010 00:00

Upcoming events on PowerBuilderTV

PowerBuilderTV is off an running. We have exciting events coming up in June, so read on and sign up :

The Visual Impact of WPF with John Strano
With the advent of PowerBuilder 12 .NET, PowerBuilder developers will be developing rich user interfaces that are as visually powerful as any WPF applications off the street. See how using vector-based graphics and animation, Control Templates and Skins will be a familiar, productive "PowerBuilder experience". Join us on June 2nd

Using PowerBuilder Assemblies with .NET with Arthur Hefti
“Legacy" PowerBuilder code? Does PowerBuilder have a superior functionality that you would like to use? Learn how to access all this in your .NET application. Join us on June 15th

Our latest webinars have been recently uploaded. Watch or re-watch them here on
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