Saturday, 08 May 2010 00:00

Visual Expert: Coming soon

The new Visual Expert set-up will be available at the end of June! You will be able to download new builds without uninstalling the old ones. This new release will fully support Windows 7 and Vista. For now, we already have an add-on macro available to check the compatibility of your system functions and libraries with Windows 7. Try Visual Expert

Calling for feedback
We are currently evaluating which new features and improvements to add in Visual Expert. Your opinion would help us to put priorities on the specific features that are most looked-for. Now's your chance to adapt Visual Expert to your needs! Send feedback

Visual Expert 6.0: what's new?
- Visible columns are shown in bold
- Number indicates the order it appears in the buffer
- Datatype of the property
See more here - Try Visual Expert

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