Thursday, 25 July 2013 09:52

Watch: PowerBuilder and Hana; Rich Client RAD for Big Data

HANA is a crucial element in SAP's growth march. HANA's potential for real-time big data based business support, places it at the center of an increasing number of SAP ERP and other applications. PowerBuilder's RAD capabilities make it the ideal tool for building new or extending existing rich client applications on top the HANA platform. Some industry insiders have suggested that PowerBuilder's continued viability as a development platform depends on its ability to contribute to the HANA platform. In this presentation, SAP Mentor Yakov Werde will succinctly introduce HANA technology, and show you how to configure an inexpensive HANA development environment, connect PowerBuilder to it and begin exploring how HANA technology and skills can enrich your professional career and potentially improve your applications.

Watch the PBTV Webinar Recording Here

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