Exciting news! Appeon and SAP have signed an agreement confirming the release of new major versions of ‪#‎PowerBuilder‬. We have no doubt that Appeon will provide PowerBuilder users with a great development platform for years to come and we look forward to seeing all the great new features!

Qing-hao Liang recently tested PB 12.6 compatibility with the Windows 10 Technical Preview. In his post on the SAP PowerBuilder Developer Centre, he first covers the installation process of Windows 10 Technical Preview and then tests it with PB 12.6 GA installer, PB.NET, and SQL Anywhere 16. He also explains the challenges he encounters.

It seems that the installation process is as smooth as on Windows 7 and that it’s easy to get familiar with the environment. The PB Examples application shipped with PowerBuilder works perfectly, so do a PB.NET and a PB WPF application. Yet, after installation the second and deeper levels of PB are not visible when opening the Start Menu, which is worse than in Windows 8. 

Qing-hao Liang writes that the first experience is very encouraging and that the performance of Windows 10 Technical Preview is better than on Windows 7, especially for PB.NET IDE. While Windows 10 is still at an early stage, the future seems to be promising.


Get the latest news and info about PowerBuilder at the upcoming Charlotte PowerBuilder Conference! It hosts numerous PB experts and has over 25 PB centric sessions, including 2 days of pre-conference training.

Here are the top five reasons you can’t miss this conference:

1. SAP will be attending!
SAP will be represented by John Strano and Dirk Boessmann, the Senior Vice President of Mobile Developments at SAP and the current head of PB. Join them as they discuss the future of PB and answer all your burning questions. There will also be a separate session geared towards Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to share expertise and views on the future of PowerBuilder.

2. Improve your PB skills!

a. Attend a hands-on pre-conference training with Yakov Werde on Monday, May 4 and Tuesday May 5. Yakov Werde, MsEd is a veteran software developer with a passion for sharing his vast knowledge and experience with others. Now with 20 years of PowerBuilder experience, he is well known in the PB developer community as both an informative and entertaining presenter and serious application developer. 
b. Attend the many technical sessionsoffered during the session, including “Utilizing external technology to extend your PowerBuilder Applications”, “Building Multi-Threaded Windows Service Applications”, “Developing a Modern Web UI that includes Image Management” and so many more!

3. Learn how to modernize your PowerBuilder applications and take them to the Web, Mobile, and Cloud! See how to upgrade the look and feel of traditional PB apps with new GUI components and internationalization tools. Attend sessions on current GUI design and application development from industry veterans. 

4. This conference is multi-track: 'Tips & Tricks', 'Best Practices', 'Mobility & Web', and ‘What's New’. So you’ll be able to easily orient yourself towards what’s important for you and have more time to ask questions to the speakers with smaller sized sessions.

5. $2800 Worth of License! Every conference attendee will not only walk away with six-month licenses of Appeon, Visual Expert and Reporting Sudio, but they will also be able to attend installation workshops and go home with a fully operational work environment! - read more -

It’s been a year since the last PB Conference in the USA – the wait is now over, with 50+ hours of PowerBuilder specific presentations


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Don’t forget to attend the exceptional PowerBuilderTV webcast with the participation of SAP and various PB community members tomorrow (Thursday, January 29, 2015) at 7:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 16h00 CET (Paris).

With over 600 persons already registered, don't miss this opportunity to listen to 6 presenters, Dirk Boessmann, Matt Balent, Armeen Mazda, Gian Luca De Bonis and Christophe Dufurmantelle talk about the future of PB and its ecosystem.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015 7:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 16h00 CET (Paris)

Join PowerBuilderTV for an exceptional webcast with the participation of SAP and various PB community members.

Dirk Boessmann, Senior Vice President, Mobile Developments at SAP and current head of PB, will be joining us to speak about the ongoing process to build a sustainable operation basis for PowerBuilder.

Followed by what's new in 2015 for a number of third party products; find out the latest roadmaps and upcoming features for your favourite add-ons. Also, get information on the much awaited Charlotte PowerBuilder Conference coming up this May with over 25 PowerBuilder sessions and 2 additional days of PowerBuilder training. Then stay tuned for this year's line-up of webcasts on PowerBuilder TV, including a look at PowerBuilder 12.6.

Don't miss this great opportunity to find out more about the future of PB and its ecosystem!

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PowerBuilder product manager Sue Dunnell is no longer with SAP as of last week, as announced by Matt Balent, North Carolina PowerBuilder User Group president two days ago. Sue Dunnell was PowerBuilder’s product manager ever since Sybase took over PB from its original creator PowerSoft. She has left to pursue other opportunities outside SAP. 

Paul Horan adds that no decisions have yet been made on a permanent replacement. In the meantime, he and John Strano will be splitting many of her PB duties. 

Paul Horan is a Senior Solution Advisor and Mobility Architect at SAP. He joined SAP as part of their acquisition of Sybase 10 years ago. In Sybase, he worked as a technical pre-sales architect supporting PowerBuilder, PowerDesigner, and SQL Anywhere. John Strano has over 10 years of experience in using PowerBuilder and he has written articles for multiple industry periodicals. He has been a Sybase Certified Instructor and has presented Sybase tools internationally since 1997. 

Read the original post on SCN.


Novalys released the annual PowerBuilder Survey results for 2014. This survey allows PowerBuilder users to send a snapshot of what they do with PB today and what their most urgent needs are. It’s a possibility for PB users to share their thoughts with SAP and help them build the roadmap of PowerBuilder. Unlike the previous ones, this year’s survey presents the analysis of core trends in the PB community side by side with the main evolutions PB users are expecting for PowerBuilder.

In 2014, we added questions to the survey and elaborated on the answers. Additional questions from SAP were also included. Some information you’ll find out reading the results: 

  • Which questions are crucial for PB projects? 
  • What type of applications are being developed with PB? 
  • How many years has PB been used in the company? 

The number of participants planning to use PB for more than 2 years has been steadily increasing since 2010! 90% of the respondents this year will continue using PB at least until 2017. This trend should carry on thanks to the release of PowerBuilder 12.6 and since SAP has affirmed a number of times that they have no intention of killing PowerBuilder (see Berlin PB seminar November 2014).

The survey also shows that PowerBuilder 12 is still in the growth phase and is being used more than any other previous version. The upcoming 2015 survey will separate PB 12.6 from PB 12 since it is a major release of PowerBuilder, allowing to track the speed of adoption of the latest version of PowerBuilder released by SAP.

See what developers want for PB – Get the full survey results


The evaluation version of PowerBuilder 12.6 is available in the SAP store.

You can downlaod it here

Note: if you want to find PowerBuilder from the search you need to select United States as a country.

Keep SAP informed about what you want for PowerBuilder by filling out the 2014 edition of the PowerBuilder Survey. Let them know what's important to you, and what you would like to see changed. Don't forget to put any new features you'd like to see in upcoming versions of PB in the comments section!

(Filling out the 2014 edition, gives you access to the 2013 results!)

Fill out the Survey 

ISUG-TECH will be holding its annual conference in Atlanta, GA, USA, from April 14-17, 2014.

Top 5 reasons to attend the ISUG-TECH conference:

1) Meet the evangelists and user-pros that make SAP PowerBuilder exciting (we call then PowerBuilder Stars): Bruce Armstong, Mark Bemis, Sue Dunnell, Dave Fish, Jeff Gibson, John Hnat, Armeen Mazda, Ronnie Po, Filiberto Sosa, Yakov Werde, and more.

2) Choose from over 150 hours of content, including three full days of SAP PowerBuilder hands on sessions and interactive meetings, plus content spanning a whole range of additonal SAP products, such as SAP SQL Anywhere, SAP ASE, SAP HANA, SAP IQ, SAP PowerDesigner, SAP IQ, SAP Mobile Platform, SAP River, etc.

3) Attend all-day workshops by the biggest names in SAP PowerBuilder: Practical, pragmatic and practicable sessions with Bruce Armstrong and Yakov Werde are delivered from the heart for real users' needs.

4) Network with hundreds of other SAP developers and users. Work together, learn together, grow together and maybe even have a drink together.

5) Find out the latest news about SAP Products; be present at the launch of SAP ASE 16. You will be able to say where you were when you heard it all happen!

For more information visit the conference homepage

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