by Rik Brooks (Author)

The Second Edition of this book comes 15 years after the first. Now that PowerBuilder development is the responsibility of Appeon I feel that a resurgence of the language is just around the corner. I have updated the book with advances since PowerBuilder version 6. 

For PowerBuilder developers, the DataWindow object offers remarkable power -- and most developers have only scratched the surface of what it can do. Part reference, part tutorial, The Definitive DataWindow is the most systematic guide to the DataWindow every written -- covering everything from the basics to the most advanced skills and techniques. Leading PowerBuilder developer Richard Brooks begins with an in-depth look at the relationships between DataWindows, relational databases, and SQL -- demonstrating powerful techniques for returning data to applications more quickly and efficiently. Brooks reviews the Database Painter, showing how to automate interface conventions company-wide; then introduces the DataWindows control, in-depth. Readers will master every option and characteristic available to DataWindow developers; the strengths and weaknesses of each type of DataWindow; and much more. The Definitive DataWindow includes detailed coverage of graphing, edit and formatting masks, object-oriented techniques for creating specialized DataWindows, and hundreds of advanced tips and techniques, many never before published 

While this is not the full story of the DataWindow, there is a lot more that can be said, it is the most comprehensive book on the subject and as far as the author can tell, it remains the only book on the market specializing in a single programming object. 

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