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How the State of Michigan leveraged its existing systems, saving millions of dollars

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Due to new government mandates and the consolidation of departments, the State of Michigan's Office of Financial and Insurance Services (OFIS) confronted the challenge of custom building, or buying, a new IT infrastructure. Either option would require the investment of millions of dollars and several years to implement, along with the need for large scale effort to re-training and/or hiring staff.

To avoid a costly architecture and software re-design, OFIS management asked Sybase Professional Services (SPS) to provide alternatives. SPS demonstrated how the existing environment could be leveraged to manage all of OFIS's needs, without a wholesale system overhaul or the investment of several years and millions of dollars. With SPS guidance, OFIS was able to leverage its existing systems, while enabling the delivery of next generation functionality. The resulting system now delivers performance that is proving to be a model for other state agencies, both within Michigan and throughout the U.S.

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