Topwiz Software

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PBSearch is everything PowerBuilder’s search feature should be and more. Not only is it up to 10 times faster, it actually finds every occurrence, without blowing up! It also features global search and replace, searching of stored procedures and triggers plus direct editing of object source.


PBNIServ is a generic Windows Service program written in C that uses PBNI to call functions in a PowerBuilder non-visual userobject that contains your code. This allows you to easily create true Windows Service programs entirely in PowerBuilder.


WizSource is the ultimate Source Control provider for use with your PowerBuilder development. It uses a SQL database for it's repository and compresses the files before storing them in the database. This reduces space requirements by over 80% and helps make it very fast, even over the Internet.


PBOrcapi is a .dll file and sample PB code that allows you to easily write your own ORCA enabled applications. The sample code has a NVO that encapsulates the ORCA functions. The same .dll can be used by any version of PB. You no longer need to be a C programmer to use ORCA.